Music and Worship Arts
Praise and Worship serves many purposes.  1st and foremost, it is something that we can give to God because He is wonderful and so very deserving of our praise and worship. It also tills the soil of the heart so that the Word of God can fall into fertile ground and take root. It serves to remind us who we are in Christ, as well as what He has done for us.  It gives an opportunity to thank Him, to cry in His loving arms, and to seek His presence.  It allows us to fall at His feet and commune, one on one with our Lord, in an environment where our brothers and sisters are immersed in the same thing!  There are so many ways to worship.  Whether you sing out loud or whisper in your heart, dance around the room or quietly tap your toe, raise your hands high or kneel humbly, God loves your praise and worship!  Music and worship arts speak where mere words fail.  It is the language of the heart!

Drama and Skits
Bringing the Word and Love of Christ to life in visual representation.  Large scale dramas regularly occur every Easter and Christmas.  Skits are performed sporadically throughout the year by various ministries.

Dance Team
Dancing before the Lord.  Praising in Spirit and in truth!  The dance team dances when the Holy Spirit leads and at special events.
Led by Tawanda Stanton