The Camp Fixer Upper Initiative is a project with big dreams.  It is our vision to see every church in Jacksonville teaming up for 1 week this summer, united in the goal of reaching into our communities and helping people with their home repairs and cleaning needs.  It is also our vision to see the people of both the churches and the communities coming together every evening after work during the initiative to fellowship with one another, and to join in praise, study, and gospel revelation.  And yet, as big as this dream sounds, it is only the tip of the iceberg.

What if:  When people thought of the Christians in their lives, they thought of someone inspiring,  someone who brought hope, someone who is less concerned with their own wants and schedules and more concerned with stretching out the hand of Christ to the people around them?

What if:  Adults and teenagers teamed up together to reach out to the hurting in their community?

What if:  Through mutual cooperation, adults were able to sow into the teens of this generation by personally demonstrating patience, kindness and love? To teach basic life skills such as how to paint a porch, how to work hard and press through to accomplish a task that you thought was too big, and how to safely use power tools (YEAH!).  And most importantly, to show, firsthand, how Christ wants us to treat each other, no matter what is going on at the moment?

What if:  Through that same mutual cooperation, teenagers were able to sow into the lives of adults by demonstrating a willingness to tackle something really big even though they weren’t sure it could be done, by not being afraid to learn something new, sharing their ability to figure out a way to enjoy the day and find a way to have fun, and the honesty to admit that it feels really good to help someone out with no questions asked…as the movie said, See a need, fill a need!

What if:  Jesus were able to mend a broken heart because you were willing to mend a broken fence?

AND WHAT IF:  We finally realized that we are all fixer uppers, and JESUS is the MASTER CARPENTER?


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We will arrive at the church at 8am and work until 4:30pm

Then we come back to church and eat supper and play games.

After which we will enter into praise and worship and hear from God through our guest speakers Brian Young and James Orr